Jeanne M.Hansen

Phone: (360) 540-6354


  • San Francisco Art Institute.
    Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography (1980-1982)
  • Brooks Institute of Photography.
    Technical/Commercial Course work, Photography (1978-1979)
  • Washington State University.
    Undergraduate Studies, Art/Psychology (1975-1976)

Work Experience

Freelance Work

  • Private and Commercial (1983 - Present) client assignments for portraiture and events.
  • Custom Darkroom Technician (1995 – 2014) Whatcom Museum (Bellingham, WA) Head museum (black and white) darkroom technician/ printer.
  • Photographer (2007-2009) C.F. Fresh (Sedro-Woolley, WA) Responsible for taking artistic product photos on location for organic fruit brokers.                                                
  • Art Appreciation Teacher (2004 – 2012) Bayview Elementary (Bayview, WA) Teach 5 sessions of Art Photography Classes to 8th grade students.


  • Custom Black and White Lab Technician (2004–2013) Quicksilver (Bellingham, WA) Developed all black and white film by hand, and dark room printer.
  • Custom Black and White Printer, Color Lab Tech, Studio Photographer (1992–2004) Pyramid Productions (Bellingham, WA) Emphases on producing fine prints working with clients such as Whatcom County Historical Museum and Lummi Indian Archives. Operated all color chemistry and Wing-Lynch processor. Photographed 4x5 and 35mm art reproduction transparency’s for gallery and university presentations.
  • Dona Flora (1992-1995) Organic flower and herb gardening. (La Conner, WA.)
  • Photo Assistant (1991-1992) Tory Lenze Photography (Mount Vernon, WA)
  • Staff Photographer North Mission News (1981-1987) non-profit community newspaper (San Francisco, CA.) 
  • Staff Photographer (1981-1983) Ego Magazine (San Francisco, CA)


Invitational and Group

  • Objectification 8 Smith & Vallee Gallery, invitational Edison, WA. (Dec. 2015)
  • Skagit Valley Hospital Foundation Mt.Vernon, WA. (2011-2013)
  • Brick Gallery Edison, WA. (June 8-Sept.30, 2012)
  • Edison Eye Gallery Invitational Shows Edison Eye Gallery. Edison, WA. (1998-present)
  • Skagit Fish Enhancement   Edison Eye Gallery. Edison, WA. (2011, 2015)
  • Harvesting the Light: Images of Contemporary Skagit Farm Life Skagit Historical Museum. La Conner, WA. (Mar. 2010 - Nov. 2010 and Feb. 2009 – Sept. 2009) Washington Convention and Trade Center. Seattle, WA. (Oct. 2009 – Jan. 2010) Skagit Valley Hospital. Mt. Vernon, WA. (Oct.2010 - present)
  • Youthnet Youthnet. Mount Vernon, WA (2008-2010)
  • Paint me a River with Arts Alive Skagit Historical Museum. La Conner, WA. (Oct. 2010, 2011)
  • Skagit River Poetry Festival Gallery Cygnus. La Conner, WA. (Feb. 2010)
  • Skagitonians to Preserve Farmland Edison Eye Gallery. Edison, WA. (1999-2006) Seaside Gallery. La Conner, WA. (2006-2009)
  • Friends of Blanchard Mountain. Edison Eye Gallery. Edison, WA. (2006)
  • Reach for the Light: A Breast Cancer Art Show. Blue Horse Gallery.  Bellingham, WA. (2006)
  • The Light of the Spring. North Fork Studios. Edison, WA. (2000)
  • Mission Culture Center.  Mission St. San Francisco,  CA. (1983)
  • Impositions.  Twin Palms Gallery, South of Market San Francisco, CA. (1983)
  • Weird Angle.  Eye Gallery, 22nd St. San Francisco, CA. (1982)


  • Bound Nature  Café Culture Gallery. La Conner, WA. (2005)
  • Leather and Chrome  Evelyn’s. Clear Lake, WA. (1997)
  • Passage’s  Pojante Café and Gallery. La Conner, WA. (1995)
  • Italy Travels. Quicksilver Gallery. Bellingham, WA. (1994)
  • Italian Travels  Torrefizione. Seattle, WA. (1993)
  • European Travels  Pacioni’s. Mount Vernon, WA. (1992)
  • 20x20 GalleryThe Queen Visit Protest! San Francisco (1983)
  • Attitude Gallery  San Francisco, CA. (1981)


  • Whatcom Museum Fate of the Forrest.  Bellingham WA. (June 4-Sept. 18, 2011)                                                                     
  • Apples to Zinfandel – Aberdeen to Zillah Washington State Convention and Trade Center.  Seattle, WA. (Dec.5 – Sept.2007)
  • Only in Washington Washington State Convention and Trade Center. Seattle, WA. (Oct. 2008 – Mar.2009)


  • Shaping San Francisco @ foundsfphotos with historical essays
  • Central City Extra 2012 cover photo: Punk Rock Roots by Mark Hedin
  • MAXIMUM ROCK-n-ROLL 2012 cover photograph, feature, and interview. Punk Rock history.
  • Harvesting the Light 2007 Book: 11 Photographers documenting Skagit farmland and life. 4-Awards      
  • Pacific Coast Weddings 2005-2010.
  • Cascadian Weekly 2005
  • Skagit Valley Herald 1997-2002  
  • Skagit Art Notes 1995.
  • Art News 1987
  • Course Catalog: San Francisco Art Institute 1984.
  • Hardcore California a History of Punk and New Wave 1983.
  • Weird Angle 1982